A building block is a logical construct and can contain a certain number of virtual machines. A building block consists of physical servers, a vSphere infrastructure, VMware Horizon servers, shared storage, and virtual machine desktops for end users. The scalability of each block is determined by how many virtual machines you deploy per vCenter Server.

Table 1. Example of a LAN-Based Horizon Building Block for 4,000 Virtual Machine Desktops
Item Example
vSphere clusters 1
80-port network switch 1
Shared storage system 1
vCenter Server 1 (can be run in the block itself)
Database MS SQL Server or Oracle database server (can be run in the block itself)
VLANs 3 (a 1Gbit Ethernet network for each: management network, storage network, and VMotion network)

If you have only one building block in a pod, use two Connection Server instances for redundancy.