Depending on the performance, availability, and security needs of your VMware Horizon deployment, you can install a single instance of Connection Server and replicated instances of Connection Server. You must install at least one instance of Connection Server.

When you install Connection Server, you select a type of installation.

Standard installation
Generates a Connection Server instance with a new Horizon LDAP configuration.
Replica installation
Generates a Connection Server instance with a Horizon LDAP configuration that is copied from an existing instance.
Enrollment Server installation
Installs an enrollment server that is required for the True SSO (single sign-on) feature, so that after users log in to VMware Workspace ONE Access, they can connect to a remote desktop or application without having to provide Active Directory credentials. The enrollment server requests the short-lived certificates that are used for authentication.
Note: Because this feature requires that a certificate authority also be set up, and specific configuration performed, the installation procedure for the enrollment server is provided in the Horizon Administration document.