You can replace the default port that controls the PCoIP Secure Gateway (PSG) service that runs on a Connection Server instance. You might need to perform this task to avoid port contention.

The PCoIP Secure Gateway listens for control connections on the local TCP port 50060 by default.


  1. Create or edit the file in the gateway configuration folder on the Connection Server computer where the PCoIP Secure Gateway is running.
    For example: install_directory\VMware\VMware View\Server\sslgateway\conf\
    The properties in the file are case sensitive.
  2. Add the psgControlPort property to the file.
    For example:
  3. Start the Windows Registry Editor on the same machine.
  4. Navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Teradici\SecurityGateway registry key.
  5. Under this registry key, add the following String (REG_SZ) value with your updated port number.
    For example:
    TCPControlPort "52060"
    Note: The port number for TCPControl Port is the same as the port number for psgControlPort.
  6. Restart the Connection Server service to make your changes take effect.