Due to a known issue, the default GNOME Shell window list extension on SLED/SLES virtual machines causes the window taskbar to appear in the middle of the screen when the remote desktop is started in full-screen mode. This topic describes how to remedy the display issue.

A client user can correct the location of the taskbar by exiting and reentering full-screen mode. To fix this issue for all provisioned desktops, update the GNOME Shell window list extension to the current version on the SLED/SLES virtual machine.


Ensure that Firefox version 56 or later is installed on the SLED/SLES machine. The updated GNOME Shell window list extension requires this browser version.


  1. From Firefox on the SLED/SLES machine, go to the GNOME Shell extensions site at https://extensions.gnome.org/local/.
  2. Click Click here to install browser extension.
  3. Click Continue to installation.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Select the Allow this extension to run in Private Windows check box and click Okay, Got it.
  6. Refresh the web page and locate the Windows List entry in the extensions list. Click the green update button next to that entry.
    The updated windows list extension is installed on the machine. To confirm the installation, refresh the web page and verify that the green update button no longer appears next to the Windows List entry.


The window taskbar appears correctly at the bottom of the screen on remote desktops provisioned from this SLED/SLES machine.