Multiple solutions exist to integrate Linux distributions with Microsoft Active Directory (AD). Horizon Agent for Linux has no dependency on which solution is used.

The following solutions are known to work for a Linux virtual machine running Horizon Agent for Linux.

  • OpenLDAP Server Pass-through Authentication
  • System Security Services Daemon (SSSD) LDAP Authentication against the Microsoft Active Directory
  • Winbind Domain Join
  • PowerBroker Identity Services Open (PBISO) Authentication
  • Samba Offline Domain Join
Note: The following authentication methods are supported for an instant-clone offline domain join: PowerBroker Identity Services Open (PBISO) authentication and Samba offline domain join.

If you use the LDAP-based solutions, you can perform the configuration in a template virtual machine and no additional steps are required in the cloned virtual machines.

Note: For ease of deployment, if available, choose the solution that uses SSSD LDAP authentication against the Microsoft Active Directory.