When you create a manual desktop pool and add Linux machines to the pool, you can manage the manual desktop pools by configuring the settings. You must add only Linux virtual machines to the manual desktop pool. If the pool contains both Windows and Linux machines, the pool is treated as a Windows pool, and users cannot connect to the Linux desktops.

Support for Managing Operations

  • Disable or enable desktop pool
  • Clone automated desktop pool
  • Delete desktop pool

    You can either delete desktop pools using Horizon Console or delete virtual machines from the disk.

Support for Remote Settings

Table 1. Remote Settings
Remote Setting Options
Remote Machine Power Policy
  • Take no power action
  • Ensure machines are always powered on
  • Suspend
  • Power off
Automatically logoff after disconnect
  • Immediately
  • Never
  • After n minutes
Allow users to reset/restart their machines
  • Yes
  • No
Allow user to initiate separate sessions from different client devices
  • Yes
  • No
"Delete machine after logoff" for Automated Desktop Pool with Full Clone and Floating
  • Yes
  • No

Support for Horizon Console Operations

  • Disconnect Session
  • Logoff Session
  • Reset/Restart Desktop
  • Send Message

For a dedicated desktop pool, you can add or remove a user assignment for each virtual machine. For large number of operations, you must use Horizon PowerCLI Cmdlets.

  • Update-UserOwnership
  • Remove-UserOwnership
Note: Do not change Remote Display Protocol settings. These settings must remain the same as specified during desktop pool creation.
Setting Option
Default display protocol VMware Blast
Allow user to choose protocol No
3D Renderer
  • Manage using vSphere Client for 2D

For more information, see the Horizon Administration document.