You can specify timeout values for user inactivity and disconnected sessions.


  • In the VMware View Agent Configuration > Agent Configuration folder in the Group Policy Management Editor, enable these settings:
    Setting Properties
    Disconnect Session Time Limit (VDI) Specifies the amount of time after which a disconnected desktop session will automatically log off.
    • Never: disconnected sessions on this machine will never log off.
    • Immediately: disconnected sessions will immediately be logged off.

    You can also configure the time limit in the desktop pool setting Automatically logoff after disconnect in Horizon Console. If you configure this setting in both places, the GPO value takes precedence.

    For example, selecting Never here will prevent a disconnected session on this machine from ever logging off, regardless of what is set in Horizon Console.

    Idle Time Until Disconnect (VDI) Specifies the amount of time after which a desktop session will disconnect due to user inactivity.

    If disabled, unconfigured, or enabled with the setting Never, then the desktop sessions will never be disconnected.

    If the desktop pool or machine is configured to log off automatically after a disconnect, then that setting will be honored.

    The internal idle timer has a margin of error of 38 seconds. If you select 1 minute as the idle timeout, then the user will be disconnected automatically after 1 minute to 1 minute and 38 seconds of inactivity. If you select 5 minutes, then the user will be disconnected after 5 minutes to 5 minutes 38 seconds of inactivity.

    Changes take effect the next time the user connects to the session.
    For more information on group policy settings, see VMware View Agent Configuration ADMX Template Settings in the Configuring Remote Desktop Features in Horizon document.