When you enable Soft 3D, ESXi host uses software 3D graphics rendering.

If a GPU graphics card is installed on the ESXi host, this pool will not use it. Horizon does not control or configure 3D rendering settings because they are all set in the golden image VM using vSphere Client.

To enable Soft 3D in the golden image VM:


  1. In the vSphere Client, 3D Render field, select Software.
  2. Configure Number of displays, Total video memory, and 3D memory for the instant-clones to inherit from the golden image.
  3. Take a snapshot of the golden image.
  4. In Horizon Console, when you create an instant-clone pool, select this golden image and snapshot.


Horizon automatically displays Manage Using vSphere Client in the 3D Render field. Instant-clones inherit the settings configured in the vSphere Client for the golden image.