The Suspend power policy causes virtual machines to be suspended when a user logs off, but not when a user disconnects. You can also configure machines in a dedicated pool to be suspended when a user disconnects from a desktop without logging off. Using suspend when users disconnect helps to conserve resources.

To enable suspend on disconnect for dedicated machines, you must set an attribute in Horizon Directory.


  1. Start the ADSI Edit utility on your Connection Server host.
  2. In the console tree, select Connect to.
  3. In the Select or type a domain or server field, type the server name as localhost:389
  4. Under Connection point, click Select or type a distinguished name or naming context, type the distinguished name as DC=vdi,DC=vmware,DC=int, and click OK.
    The ADAM ADSI Edit main window appears.
  5. Expand the ADAM ADSI tree and expand OU=Properties.
  6. Select OU=Global and select CN=Common in the right pane
  7. Select Action > Properties, and under the pae-NameValuePair attribute, add the new entry suspendOnDisconnect=1.
  8. Restart the Connection Server service or Connection Server.