You can set log levels and generate log files in a Data Collection Tool (DCT) bundle for a specific remote desktop feature or all remote desktop features on Windows Agent and Client, Mac Client, and Linux Client.

Default Installation Paths for DCT

The DCT scripts are installed in the following directories and run from the client installation path:

Windows Agent: C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Agent\DCT\support.bat

Windows Client: C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Horizon View Client\DCT\support.bat

Mac Client: /Applications/VMware Horizon

Linux Client: /usr/bin/vmware-view-log-collector

Command Line Options for Log Levels

The command to run the DCT script for each platform:

Windows Agent: support.bat

Windows Client: support.bat

Mac Client:

Linux Client: vmware-view-log-collector

Use these command line options to query and obtain the log levels for remote desktop features.

Option Usage Description
-l -l

-l <feature1,feature2 ...>

List log levels for all features and components supported by DCT.

List log levels for specified features.

Example: The output of Windows command support.bat -l lists all components controlled by DCT and log level status:
- Agent Core          [INFO]
- PCoIP               [INFO]
- Virtual Channel     [INFO]
- VDP Service         [TRACE]
- Remote Features 
    - Client Drive Rredirection [TRACE]
    - Clipboard Redirection     [DEBUG]        
    - Drag and Drop             [TRACE]
    - DPI Synchronization       [INFO]
    - File Type Association     [INFO]
The output of Windows command support.bat -l CDR,DnD lists the log level status of the specified components:
 - Client Drive Redirection  [TRACE]    
 - Drag and Drop             [TRACE]
-ld -ld <feature1,feature2 ...> List log level details for specified features supported by DCT.
-x -x All:<level>

-x <feature1:level1,feature2:level2 ...>

Set the log level for all features supported by DCT:
  • Info
  • Debug
  • Trace
  • Verbose

Set the log level for specified features or components: feature1 to level1, feature2 to level2, and so on.

Example: The output of Linux client command vmware-view-log-collector -x All:TRACE sets the log level to Trace for all components.

Example: The output of Linux client command vmware-view-log-collect -x DnD:INFO,CDR:TRACE sets the log level for the Drag and Drop feature to Info and Client Drive Redirection feature to Trace.

-r -r Reset the log levels of all features to installation defaults.
-c -c All

-c <feature1,feature2 ...>

Collect all logs

Collect logs for the specified features or components.

-d -d <directory1> Redirect DCT output to the specified directory.
-f -f <bundleName> Specify the full name of the log bundle file to bundleName.
-h -h Display help information for command line options and list support feature/components for DCT.

Feature List

These remote desktop features have json config files that contain log level settings, log collection settings, and dump collection settings. These services are available on Windows Agent, Windows Client, Mac Client, and Linux Client, with exceptions noted accordingly.

In Windows client and agent, real-time dump is also supported for some features. This function dumps the target process based on the config file setting and collects the dump in the log bundle. Whether a real-time dump needs to be generated depends on the feature's configuration. For example, if you run the command support.bat -c Client in Windows client, this message appears: You can choose to generate diagnostic dumps of the VMware Horizon Client processes running on this machine, please note these files can be very large. If you choose Y, dump files are generated for existing processes related to Windows client.

Feature Name Full Name
Blast Blast
Note: This service is for Windows Agent only.
Client Client
Note: This service is not available on Windows Agent.
CDR Client Drive Redirection
Clipboard Clipboard Redirection
DPISync DPI Synchronization
DnD Drag and Drop
Note: This service is not available on Linux Client.
FA File Type Association
Note: This service is not available on Linux Client.
TSMMR Multimedia Redirection
Note: This service is not available on Mac Client.
PerfTracker Performance Tracker
Note: This service is available for Windows Agent only.
PrintRedir Printer Redirection
PublishedApp Published Applications
ScannerRedirection Scanner Redirection
Note: This service is not available on Mac Client.
SerialPortRedirection Serial Port Redirection
Note: This service is not available on Mac Client.
SmartCard Smart Card Redirection
URLRedirection URL Content Redirection
USB USB Redirection
VDPService VDPService
Watermark Digital Watermark