When you define a Horizon Smart Policy in Dynamic Environment Manager, you can add conditions that must be met for the policy to take effect. For example, you can add a condition that disables the client drive redirection feature only if a user connects to the remote desktop from outside your corporate network.

Important: You must add the following conditions to a Horizon Smart Policy definition in order for the supported policy settings to take effect in a remote Linux desktop. These are the only conditions that are currently supported. If other conditions are set, the result of the condition evaluation is false.
Table 1. Required Conditions for Remote Linux Desktops
Condition Description
Operating System Architecture Checks the architecture of the operating system. The value must be set to Linux.
Endpoint IP address Checks whether the endpoint IP address is in or not in the specified range. Empty fields at the start of the range are interpreted as 0, and the ones at the end as 255.
You can, however, set multiple Endpoint IP address conditions, as shown in the following example.
Operating system is Linux
AND Endpoint IP address is in range -
OR Endpoint IP address is in range -

For detailed information about adding and editing conditions in the Dynamic Environment Manager Management Console, see the VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Administration Guide.