This workflow registers the supplied machine DNS names with a manual pool of unmanaged desktops in VMware Horizon. Use this workflow only for physical machines and non-vSphere virtual machines.

As an alternative to running this workflow, you can use the Add Physical Machines to Pool workflow in the Workflows/Example folder. This workflow combines the actions of the Register Machines to Pool workflow and the PowerShell workflows mentioned in Run Workflows to Add Physical Machines as PowerShell Hosts.

Before you run the Add Physical Machines to Pool workflow, you must perform the tasks described in Configure a Physical Machine for an Unmanaged Pool and Configure vRealize Orchestrator to Use Kerberos Authentication with Physical Machines. You must also satisfy the prerequisites listed in Prerequisites for Adding Unmanaged Machines to Pools

Inputs/parameters Pod, pool ID, machine DNS names, or guest OS.
Results Provided machine names are registered with the specified unmanaged desktop pool in VMware Horizon.
  • This workflow registers the DNS names that are provided without performing validation. The administrator must manually push the returned registry token to the registered machine.
  • To add a new line in the DNS Names text box so that you can add multiple DNS names, press Ctrl+Enter. If you press only Enter, the workflow is submitted instead of adding a new line.