Horizon provides several component-specific Group Policy Administrative ADMX template files. You can optimize and secure remote desktops and applications by adding the policy settings in the ADMX template files to a new or existing GPO in Active Directory.

All ADMX files that provide group policy settings for Horizon are available in VMware-Horizon-Extras-Bundle-YYMM-x.x.x-yyyyyyyy.zip, where YYMM is the marketing version, x.x.x is the internal version and yyyyyyyy is the build number. You can download the file from the VMware Downloads site at https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/downloads. Under Desktop & End-User Computing, select the VMware Horizon download, which includes the GPO Bundle containing the ZIP file.

The Horizon ADMX template files contain both Computer Configuration and User Configuration group policies.

  • The Computer Configuration policies set policies that apply to all remote desktops, regardless of who connects to the desktop.
  • The User Configuration policies set policies that apply to all users, regardless of the remote desktop or application they connect to. User Configuration policies override equivalent Computer Configuration policies.

Microsoft Windows applies policies at desktop startup and when users log in.