The Cloud Pod Architecture feature uses standard Horizon components to provide cross-data center administration. With the Cloud Pod Architecture feature, you link together multiple pods to provide a single large desktop and application brokering and management environment. A pod consists of a set of Connection Server instances, shared storage, a database server, and the vSphere and network infrastructures required to host desktop and application pools.

Use the following process to upgrade a Cloud Pod Architecture environment.

  1. Upgrade all Connection Server instances in one pod, according to the usual process for upgrading a single Connection Server instance.
  2. Repeat the preceding step for the other pods in the pod federation, upgrading each pod one-by-one.

During the upgrade process, some Connection Server instances use the latest version of VMware Horizon and some use the older version. Although this mixed-version environment is supported beginning with Horizon 7 version 7.4, new features do not work in a mixed environment. For example, a new feature that is visible in Horizon Console on an upgraded server is not visible in Horizon Console on a server that has not been upgraded.

For information about designing and setting up a Cloud Pod Architecture environment, see Administering Cloud Pod Architecture in Horizon.