The script installs Horizon Agent on a Linux guest operating system.

Use the following form of the script in a terminal window: -optional parameter [parameter argument] . . .

The script includes the following optional parameters.

Table 1. Optional Parameters
Optional Parameters Description
-a yes|no Install or bypass audio input redirection support. Default is no.


Note: This parameter is supported only on virtual machines running RHEL 8.x/7.x or Ubuntu 18.04.

Including this parameter enables support for multi-session published desktop pools and published application pools based on a farm that includes the Linux virtual machine. By default, this parameter is not included.

  • To prepare the machine for use in an automated instant-clone farm, include the --multiple-session parameter in the installation script. For example:
    sudo ./ --multiple-session
  • To prepare the machine for use in a manual farm, include both the --multiple-session parameter and the managed agent -M parameter set to no. For example:
    sudo ./ --multiple-session -M no 
-f yes|no Install or bypass support of the cryptographic modules designed for Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2. Default is no. For more information, see the FIPS 140-2 Mode description in Features of Horizon 8 Linux Desktops.
-j JMS SSL keystore password. By default, installer generates a random string.
-m yes|no Install or bypass the smart card redirection feature. Default is no.
-r yes|no Restart the system automatically after installation. Default is no.
-s Generate or bypass the generation of a self-signed certificate for VMwareBlastServer. Default is yes.
-A yes |no

Automatically accept or refuse the End User License Agreement (EULA) and Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) statement. You must specify yes for the installation to proceed.

If you do not specify this parameter in the script, you must manually accept the EULA and FIPS statement during the installation.

-C yes|no Install or bypass Clipboard Redirection support. Default is yes.
-F yes|no Install or bypass CDR support. Default is yes.
-M yes|no Upgrade Horizon Agent to a managed or unmanaged agent. Default is yes.
-S yes|no Install or bypass single sign-on (SSO) support. Default is yes.
-T yes|no Install or bypass True Single Sign-on (True SSO) support. Default is no.
-U yes|no Install or bypass USB support. Default is no.
Table 2. Examples of Scripts with Parameters
Scenario Example Script
Perform fresh installation and automatically accept the EULA and FIPS statement
sudo ./ -A yes
Automatically accept the EULA and FIPS statement and enable smart card redirection
sudo ./ -A yes -m yes 
Bypass SSO support
 sudo ./ -S no