When you edit a global desktop entitlement or global application entitlement, you can select a backup global entitlement. A backup global entitlement delivers remote desktops or published applications when the primary global entitlement fails to start a session because of problems such as insufficient pool capacity or unavailable pods. A backup global entitlement can contain pools from any pod in the pod federation.

The following backup global entitlement settings must match the corresponding primary global entitlement settings.

  • User assignment type
  • Default display protocol (only if users are not allowed to select the display protocol)
  • Supported display protocols
  • Allow users to restart machines
  • Allow users to initiate separate sessions from different client devices
  • Allow Session Collaboration

Backup global entitlement have the following restrictions and limitations.

  • For global desktop entitlements, you can configure a backup global entitlement only if the user assignment policy is set to Floating.
  • After you configure a backup global entitlement, the edit functionality, user entitlements, and home site override setting for the backup global entitlement are disabled.
  • You cannot select an existing primary or backup global entitlement when you select a backup global entitlement.
  • A backup global entitlement cannot be cloud managed.
  • A backup global entitlement cannot be associated with any user or group entitlements.

For information about editing a global entitlement, see Modify Attributes or Policies for a Global Entitlement.