Use the lmvutil command with the --addPoolAssociation option to add a desktop pool to a global desktop entitlement or an application pool to a global application entitlement.


lmvutil --addPoolAssociation --entitlementName name --poolId poolid

Usage Notes

You must use this command on a Connection Server instance in the pod that contains the pool. For example, if pod1 contains a desktop pool to associate with a global desktop entitlement, you must run the command on a Connection Server instance that resides in pod1.

Repeat this command for each pool to become part of the global entitlement. You can add a particular pool to only one global entitlement.

Important: If you add multiple application pools to a global application entitlement, you must add the same application. For example, do not add Calculator and Microsoft Office PowerPoint to the same global application entitlement. If you add different applications, the results will be unpredictable and entitled users will receive different applications at different times.

This command returns an error message if the Cloud Pod Architecture feature is not initialized, the specified entitlement does not exist, the pool is already associated with the specified entitlement, the pool does not exist, or the command cannot add the pool to the global entitlement.


You can specify these options when you add a pool to a global entitlement.

Table 1. Options for Adding a Pool to a Global Entitlement
Option Description
--entitlementName Name of the global entitlement.
--poolId ID of the pool to add to the global entitlement. The pool ID must match the pool name as it appears on the pod.


lmvutil --authAs adminEast --authDomain domainEast --authPassword "*" --addPoolAssociation 
--entitlementName "Windows 8 Desktop" --poolId "Windows 8 Desktop Pool A"