You can use Horizon Console to review desktop and application sessions across the pod federation.


  1. Log in to the Horizon Console user interface for any Connection Server instance in the pod federation.
  2. To search for sessions, perform the following steps.
    1. In Horizon Console, select Search Sessions.
    2. Select search criteria and begin the search.
      You can search for desktop and application sessions by user, pod, or brokering pod. The user is the end user who is connected to the desktop or application, the pod is the pod on which the desktop or application is hosted, and the brokering pod is the pod to which the user was connected when the desktop or application was first allocated.
      Option Action
      Search by user
      1. Select User from the drop-down menu and click Find User.
      2. Select search criteria in the Find User dialog box and click Find.
      Search by pod
      1. Select Pod from the drop-down menu.
      2. Select a pod from the list of pods and click Search.
      Search by brokering pod
      1. Select Brokering Pod from the drop-down menu.
      2. Select a pod from the list of pods and click Search.
      The search results include the user, type of session (desktop or application), machine, pool or farm, pod, brokering pod ID, site, and global entitlements associated with each session. The session start time, duration, and state also appear in the search results. From the search results page, you might be able to disconnect or log off a session, restart a desktop, reset a virtual machine, or send a message to a desktop user.
      Note: The brokering pod ID is not immediately populated for new sessions in the search results. This ID usually appears in Horizon Console between two and three minutes after a session begins.
  3. To view information about all Cloud Pod Architecture sessions, perform these steps.
    1. Select Monitor > Dashboard.
    2. In the Cloud Pod Architecture Sessions pane, select a pod from the drop-down menu.
      The doughnut chart shows the total hosted and brokered sessions for the pod that you selected.
    3. To view more session information, click View.
      A table shows the total number of brokered and hosted sessions for each pod and the pod status. If the pod status is red, the pod is either down or is not running VMware Horizon 7 version 7.12 or later. Sessions on pods that are running earlier versions of VMware Horizon are not counted.