Use the lmvutil command with the --join option to join a pod to the pod federation.


lmvutil --join joinServer serveraddress --userName domain\username --password password

Usage Notes

You must run this command on each pod that you want to join to the pod federation. You can run the command on any Connection Server instance in a pod.

This command returns an error message if you provide invalid credentials, the specified Connection Server instance does not exist, a pod federation does not exist on the specified server, or the command cannot complete the operation.


You must specify several options when you join a pod to a pod federation.

Table 1. Options for Joining a Pod to a Pod Federation
Option Description

DNS name or IP address of any Connection Server instance in any pod that has been initialized or is already part of the pod federation.


Name of a Horizon administrator user on the already initialized pod. Use the format domain\username.


Password of the user specified in the --userName option.


lmvutil --authAs adminEast --authDomain domainEast --authPassword "*" --join 
--joinServer 123.456.789.1 --userName domainCentral\adminCentral --password secret123