Administrators use Horizon Console to configure Horizon Connection Server, deploy and manage remote desktops and applications, control user authentication, initiate and examine system events, and carry out analytical activities. Client systems that run Horizon Console must meet certain requirements.

Horizon Console is a web-based application that is installed when you install Connection Server. You can access and use Horizon Console with the following web browsers:

  • Firefox (latest versions)
  • Chrome (latest versions)
  • Safari (latest versions)
  • Microsoft Edge (Windows 10)

The computer on which you launch Horizon Console must trust the root and intermediate certificates of the server that hosts Connection Server. The supported browsers already contain certificates for all of the well-known certificate authorities (CAs). If your certificates come from a CA that is not well known, you must follow the instructions in Configure Client Endpoints to Trust Root and Intermediate Certificates.

To display text properly, Horizon Console requires Microsoft-specific fonts. If your web browser runs on a non-Windows operating system such as Linux, UNIX, or Mac, make sure that Microsoft-specific fonts are installed on your computer.

Currently, the Microsoft web site does not distribute Microsoft fonts, but you can download them from independent web sites.