If you use a perpetual license, you must enter a product license key.

Note: The product license key is not required if you have a VMware Horizon subscription license. For more information about subscription licenses, see Enabling VMware Horizon for Subscription Licenses and Horizon Control Plane Services.

You do not have to configure a license key when you install a replicated Connection Server instance. Replicated instances use the common license key stored in the Horizon LDAP configuration.

Note: Connection Server requires a valid license key. The product license key is a 25-character key.


  1. In Horizon Console, select Settings > Product Licensing and Usage.
  2. In the Licensing Settings panel, click Edit License.
  3. Enter the license serial number and click OK.
  4. Verify the license expiration date.
  5. Verify that the component licenses are enabled or disabled, based on the edition of VMware Horizon that your product license entitles you to use.