You can enable View Storage Accelerator globally for all desktop pools.



  1. In Horizon Console, navigate to Settings > Servers.
  2. On the vCenter Server tab, click Add and complete the Add vCenter Server wizard pages that precede the Storage Settings page.
  3. On the Storage Settings page, select Enable View Storage Accelerator.
    This option is selected by default.
  4. Specify a default host cache size.
    The default cache size applies to all ESXi hosts that are managed by this vCenter Server instance.

    The default value is 1,024MB. The cache size must be between 100MB and 32,768MB.

  5. To specify a different cache size for an individual ESXi host, select an ESXi host and click Edit cache size.
    1. In the Host cache dialog box, check Override default host cache size.
    2. Type a Host cache size value between 100MB and 32,768MB and click OK.
  6. On the Storage Settings page, click Next.
  7. After reviewing the settings on the Ready to Complete page, click Submit.