The WMI namespace for the PCoIP session statistics is root\CIMV2. The names of the statistics are suffixed with (Server) or (Client), according to whether the statistic is recorded on the PCoIP server or PCoIP client.

You can use Windows Performance Monitor (PerfMon) with the counters to calculate averages over a specified sampling period. You must have administrator privileges to access the performance counters remotely.

All statistics are reset to 0 when a PCoIP session is closed. If the WMI SessionDurationSeconds property is a non-zero value and stays constant, the PCoIP server was forcefully ended or crashed. If the SessionDurationSeconds property changes from a non-zero value to 0, the PCoIP session is closed.

To avoid a division-by-zero error, verify that the denominator in the expressions for calculating bandwidth or packet-loss percentage does not evaluate to zero.

USB statistics are recorded for zero clients, but not for thin clients or software clients.