The HTML5 Multimedia Redirection feature has certain limitations.

  • HTML5 Multimedia Redirection does not support 360 videos. The HTML5 Multimedia Redirection extension icon is marked with the REDR badge, even though the video is not supported.
  • The HTML5 Multimedia Redirection feature cannot redirect HTML multimedia content from The HTML5 Multimedia Redirection feature can redirect HTML5 multimedia content from, but you might see a Page Unresponsive message.
  • If you include the URL of a Microsoft Edge trusted site in the list of websites in the Enable URL list for VMware HTML5 Multimedia Redirection group policy setting, HTML5 Multimedia Redirection does not work for that URL. You can avoid this limitation by making the host less secure by running the command CheckNetIsolation LoopbackExempt -a -n="Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe".
  • With the Microsoft Edge browser, the HTML5 Multimedia Redirection feature cannot redirect HTML multimedia content from websites that use the m3u8 video format, such as
  • When the Scanner Redirection setup option is enabled in Horizon Agent in a remote desktop, the VMware Horizon HTML5 Redirection Extension for Edge extension sometimes crashes after the Microsoft Edge browser is launched in the remote desktop. This problem typically occurs in large-monitor environments and under stress.
  • If a user plays an HTML5 video that uses a static video URL in a remote desktop, their client machine does not have access to the static URL and the playback falls back to the remote desktop.
  • Bullet comments in video are not supported when using the HTML5 Multimedia Redirection feature.
  • The Horizon Client relative mouse feature is not supported.
  • You cannot use Mute site (Chrome browser) or Mute tab (Edge browser) to mute redirected video content.
  • To use HTML5 Multimedia Redirection from Chrome on a Linux client system, open at most one Chrome browser published by an RDS host. HTML5 Multimedia Redirection does not work properly if you open an additional Chrome browser published by another RDS host.
  • If you encounter slow performance when playing redirected multimedia content on a Linux client system that uses lower-capacity thin client hardware, you can optimize the system performance as described here. Add the entry disableGPU.html5mmr=true to one of the following three configuration files. The configuration files are processed in the listed order:
    1. /usr/lib/vmware/config
    2. /etc/vmware/config
    3. ~/.vmware/config
  • IE mode for Microsoft Edge (Chromium) is not supported with this feature. Websites that are enabled for IE mode can be opened in the Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser with IE mode, but HTML5 Multimedia Redirection content is not redirected to Horizon Client by the HTML5 Multimedia Redirection extension for Microsoft Edge (Chromium).