In Horizon Help Desk Tool, you can troubleshoot Linux desktop sessions based on a user's connection status.


  • Start Horizon Help Desk Tool.


  1. On the user card, click the Sessions tab.
    A performance card appears that displays CPU and memory usage and includes information about Horizon Client, and the virtual or published desktop.
  2. Choose a troubleshooting option.
    Option Action
    Send Message

    Sends a message to the user on the published desktop or virtual desktop. You can choose the severity of the message to include Warning, Info, or Error.

    Click Send Message and enter the type of severity and the message details, and then click Submit.

    Restart Initiates the Restart process on the virtual desktop. This feature is not available for a published desktop session.

    Click Restart VDI.

    Disconnect Disconnect the desktop or application session.

    Click More > Disconnect.

    Log Off Initiates the log off process for a published desktop or virtual desktop.

    Click More > Log Off.

    Reset Initiates a reset of the virtual machine. This feature is not available for a published desktop.

    Click More > Reset VM.

    Note: The user can lose unsaved work.