To use the Session Collaboration feature on a RHEL 8.x desktop, you must first download and install the required GNOME Shell extension.


  1. Download the required GNOME shell extension to the RHEL 8.x system from
    • For RHEL 8.0, select 3.28 for the shell version and 26 for the extension version.
    • For RHEL 8.1 and later, select 3.32 for the shell version and 29 for the extension version.
  2. Untar the downloaded package and rename the directory as (the "uuid" value in the metadata.json file in the package).
  3. Use the mv command to move the directory to this location: /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions.
    By default, the metadata.json file in the directory is only readable to the root user. To support Session Collaboration, you must make this file readable to other users as well.
  4. Run the command to make metadata.json readable to other users, as shown in the following example.
    chmod a+r metadata.json
  5. Install gnome-tweaks.
  6. In the desktop environment, restart GNOME Shell by pressing the following sequence of keys on the keyboard.
  7. In the desktop environment, run gnome-tweaks and then enable KStatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator Support.