You can specify certain pool settings when you create an published desktop pool that run on a farm of RDS hosts. Not all pool settings apply to all types of desktop pools. These settings are specific to published desktop pools.

Table 1. Settings for a Published Desktop Pool
Setting Description Default Value
  • Enabled. After being created, the desktop pool is enabled and ready for immediate use.
  • Disabled. After being created, the desktop pool is disabled and unavailable for use, and provisioning is stopped for the pool. This is an appropriate setting if you want to conduct post deployment activities such as testing or other forms of baseline maintenance.

    When this state is in effect, remote desktops are unavailable for use.

Connection Server restrictions

You can restrict access to the desktop pool to certain Connection Servers by clicking Browse and selecting one or more Connection Servers.

If you intend to provide access to desktops through VMware Identity Manager, and you configure Connection Server restrictions, the VMware Identity Manager application might display desktops to users when those desktops are actually restricted. VMware Identity Manager users will be unable to launch these desktops.

Category Folder

Specifies the name of the category folder that contains a Start menu shortcut for the desktop pool entitlement on Windows client devices.

Client Restrictions

Select whether to restrict access to entitled desktop pools from certain client computers.

You must add the names of the computers that are allowed to access the desktop pool in an Active Directory security group. You can select this security group when you add users or groups to the desktop pool entitlement.

Allow user to initiate separate sessions from different client devices

When you enable this setting, users that connect to the same desktop pool from different client devices receive different desktop sessions. To reconnect to an existing desktop session, users must use the same device from which that session was initiated. If you do not select this setting, users are always reconnected to their existing desktop sessions, regardless of the client device that they use. The RDP display protocol is not supported if you select this setting.

Default is No.

Note: If you enable this policy, all the desktop pools in the global entitlement must also support multiple sessions per user.

For more information about understanding the multiple sessions per user policy for global desktop entitlements, see the Administering Cloud Pod Architecture in Horizon document.