You can verify that your load balancing script is working correctly by viewing RDS farm and RDS host information in Horizon Console.


  1. In Horizon Console, navigate to Monitor > Dashboard.
  2. In the Issues pane, click View.
  3. Click RDS Farms and click the name of each RDS host to view its load index.
    The Server load field in the details dialog box shows the server load index reported by Horizon Agent. The value should be between 0-100.
    The status of the farm should be green. If a load balancing script is configured on only some of the RDS hosts in a farm, Horizon Console sets the status of the farm to yellow. You must configure the load balancing script on all of the RDS hosts in a farm or on none of the RDS hosts in a farm.

What to do next

If load balancing is not working as you expected, verify the content of your load balancing script. If the script is written correctly, it should update the CustomLoadValue registry key on Horizon Agent with the expected load index. The CustomLoadValue registry key is located in the following location: HKLM\Sofware\VMware Inc.\VMware VDM\Performance Stats\CustomLoadValue. Verify that this registry key is updated correctly. If you use Horizon to run your scripts, verify that the VMware Horizon View Script Host service is running. Also, verify that the same load balancing script is configured on each RDS host in the farm.