Horizon supports both local printer redirection and native network printers.

Local printer redirection is designed for the following use cases:

  • Printers directly connected to USB or serial ports on the client device.
  • Specialized printers such as bar code printers and label printers connected to the client.
  • Network printers on a remote network that are not addressable from the virtual session.

Network printers are managed using corporate print servers, which allows for greater management and control of printer resources. Native printer drivers for all possible printers need to be installed on the virtual machine or RDSH host. If you consider this challenging, there are third-party options such as advanced versions of ThinPrint that can provide network printing without the need to install additional printer drivers on each virtual machine or RDSH host. The Print and Document Services option included with Microsoft Windows Server is another option for managing your network printers.

When users submit print jobs concurrently from published desktops or applications that are hosted on the same RDS host, the ThinPrint server on the RDS host processes the print requests serially rather than in parallel. This can cause a delay for some users.