You can view the status and details of an application on the Applications tab when you click a user name in the Computer Name option on the Sessions tab. You cannot access the Applications tab for Linux desktop sessions.


To avoid scrolling through the list of applications, you can search for an application by name by entering the application name in the search filter text box.

For each application, you can view the current status and other details.

You can end an application process for the end user. To end an application process, click End Application and click OK to confirm the change.

Note: The end application process can fail if the application is pending a user interaction such as unsaved data or because of other exceptions. However, Horizon Help Desk Tool does not display any success or failure message when you end an application.
Table 1. Application Details
Option Description
Application Name of the application.
Description Description of the application.
Status Status of the application. Displays whether the application is running or not.
Host CPU CPU usage of the virtual machine to which the session is assigned.
Host Memory Memory usage of the virtual machine to which the session is assigned.
Applications List of applications that are running.
Refresh The refresh icon refreshes the list of applications.