The event database stores information about events that occur in the Connection Server host or group, VMware Horizon, and Horizon Console, and notifies you of the number of events on the dashboard. You can examine the events in detail on the Events page.

Note: Events are listed in the Horizon Console interface for a limited time period. After this time, the events are only available in the historical database tables. You can use Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or PostgreSQL database reporting tools to examine events in the database tables. For more information, see Event Database Tables and Schemas.

In addition to monitoring events in Horizon Console, you can generate VMware Horizon events in Syslog format so that the event data can be accessible to analytics software. See "Configure Event Logging to File or Syslog Server" and "Generating Horizon Event Log Messages in Syslog Format Using the ‑I Option," in the Horizon Installation and Upgrade document.

If you configure an event database for multiple Connection Servers, Horizon Console displays the events for all Connection Servers on the Events page. Horizon Console filters events based on the tasks that you perform and displays these events on relevant pages such as the Desktop Pools or Application Pools pages.


Create and configure the event database as described in the Horizon Installation and Upgrade document.


  1. In Horizon Console, select Monitor > Events.
  2. (Optional) On the Events page, you can set options, select the time range of the events, filter the events, and sort the listed events by one or more of the columns.
    Options available at the top of the page are described below.
    Option Description
    Maximum Events Select the maximum number of events to retrieve.
    Note: Selecting a higher value can result in the data retrieval taking longer to perform.
    Time in UTC Select this option to convert the values in the Time column to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).These values are included if you choose to export event data.
    Retrieve Event Objects Select this option to retrieve objects associated with the event and show the Objects column for this information.
    Note: Selecting a this option can result in the data retrieval taking longer to perform, particularly if you selected a higher value for Maximum Events above.
    To apply filters, click the filter icon at the top left of the page. In the Event Filters dialog, you can select the following filters.
    Filter Description
    Time Period Filters events by the time the event occurred. You can select one of the standard ranges or set a custom range of your own.
    Note: The range of dates you set cannot start earlier than the range set for Horizon Console Events in Settings > Event Configuration.
    Severity Filters events by the assigned severity value.
    Module Filters events by the module associated with the event.
    Message Filters events by the text in the Message column.
    Source Filters events by the value in the Source column, which indicates where the event was generated.

What to do next

In Horizon Console, navigate to a desktop or application pool, virtual machine, or a user or group and click the Events tab to view specific events.