You configure entitlements to control which remote desktops and applications your users can access. You can configure the restricted entitlements feature to control desktop access based on the Horizon Connection Server instance that users connect to when they select remote desktops. You can also restrict access to a set of users outside the network from connecting to remote desktops and published applications within the network.

For information about configuring global entitlements in a Cloud Pod Architecture environment, see the Cloud Pod Architecture in Horizon document.

Note: When you entitle users and groups in Active Directory, you can search users and groups across the entire directory or in a particular domain. In Horizon Console, when you navigate to Users and Groups and select the Entire Directory option, Connection Server searches and counts the users and groups across all domains in Connection Server domain's forest. Any domains that are not part of Connection Server domain's forest are excluded in the Entire Directory option. To search users or groups in domains that are not part of Connection Server domain's forest, you must select those domains explicitly, and this is applicable to both Connection Server domains and untrusted domains.