Users can copy and paste data between client systems and remote desktops and published applications.

Client Requirements for Clipboard Redirection

  • To copy and paste files and folders, only Windows client systems are supported. Other types of client systems are not supported.
  • To copy and paste files and folders, the client drive redirection feature must be enabled in Horizon Client for Windows.

For information about copying and pasting files and folders on a Windows client, see the Horizon Client for Windows Guide.

Agent Requirements for Clipboard Redirection

To use the copy and paste feature with files, folders, and file content, you must enable the Client Drive Redirection option when you install Horizon Agent.

Note that the copy and paste feature uses the Blast/PCoIP connection and does not require a separate port. For more information, see Managing Access to Client Drive Redirection.

Using Group Policy Settings to Configure Clipboard Redirection

You can configure the copy and paste direction, the allowed copy and paste formats, and the copy and paste size limit by editing group policy settings in the ADMX template file vdm_agent_clipboard.admx. The Clipboard Redirection settings are in the VMware View Agent Configuration > Clipboard Redirection folder in the Group Policy Management Editor. See VMware View Agent Configuration ADMX Template Settings.

Using Dynamic Environment Manager to Configure Clipboard Redirection

With Dynamic Environment Manager 9.8 or later, you can use Smart Policies to configure copy and paste behavior, including disabling the entire clipboard redirection feature. See Horizon Smart Policy Settings.