The Storage Drive Redirection (SDR) feature provides better I/O performance. If you have performance issues, this option may provide a better data access experience.


The SDR feature is installed by default on both Horizon Client and Horizon Agent and only supports Horizon Blast and PCoIP protocols.

Note: While Storage Drive Redirection is usually faster than USB or CDR, CDR is more flexible. If SDR is used, your drive will only be available in the VM, and you will no longer be able to access it from your desktop. Use USB redirection only if CDR or SDR are not working. See Managing Access to Client Drive Redirection and USB Redirection Recommendations for more details.


  1. From VMware Horizon Client > Drive & Folder Sharing select the Exclusive Sharing tab.
  2. Select the Destination Remote Desktop, then select the local storage drives to redirect.
  3. When the redirected drives are no longer being used by Remote Desktop, return to the Exclusive Sharing tab and deselect the local storage drives.