You can activate the VMware Blast display protocol to use an encoding approach called progressive build, or build-to-lossless. This feature provides a highly compressed initial image, called a lossy image, that is then progressively built to a full lossless state. A lossless state means that the image appears with the full fidelity intended.

To activate lossless compression for VMware Blast, set the EncoderBuildToPNG key to 1 in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc.\VMware Blast\Config folder in the Windows registry on the agent machine. The default value is 0 (deactivated), which means the codec does not build to PNG, which is a lossless format.

Configuration changes to the EncoderBuildToPNG key take place immediately.

Note: Enabling lossless compression for VMware Blast causes an increase in bandwidth and CPU usage. VMware recommends that you use the PCoIP display protocol instead of VMware Blast if you require lossless compression. For information about configuring lossless compression for PCoIP, see PCoIP Build-to-Lossless Feature.