To configure a Linux virtual machine that meets the requirements of the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 mode, follow the procedure described in this article. You must install Horizon Agent with FIPS mode enabled and then install a CA-signed certificate for the VMwareBlastServer daemon.


Verify that you have completed the following prerequisites:


  1. On the RHEL 8.x machine, enable FIPS mode at the Linux system level.
    fips-mode-setup --enable
  2. Install Horizon Agent using the RPM installer.
    For example:
    sudo rpm -ivh VMware-horizonagent-linux-YYMM-y.y.y-xxxxxxx.el8.x86_64.rpm

    For detailed instructions, see Install Horizon Agent on a Linux Virtual Machine.

  3. Enable FIPS mode at the Horizon Agent level.
    sudo /usr/lib/vmware/viewagent/bin/ -f yes

    For more information, see Command-line Options for Installing Horizon Agent for Linux.

  4. Complete the steps described in Install a CA-signed Certificate for VMwareBlastServer.
  5. Restart the machine.
    sudo reboot


You can now use the Linux machine to create desktop or application pools that are FIPS-compliant.