Horizon Agent for Linux has some dependency packages unique to a Linux distribution. You must install these packages before installing Horizon Agent for Linux.


Verify that a new virtual machine (VM) is created in vCenter Server and your Linux distribution is installed on the machine.


  • Install the mandatory packages that are not installed or upgraded by default. If any package does not meet the requirement, the installer breaks the installation.
    Table 1. Mandatory Dependency Packages
    Linux Distribution Packages
    RHEL 7.x/8.x/9.x
    yum install libappindicator-gtk3
    Note: If the yum command does not work, you can try the dnf package manager instead.
    dnf install libappindicator-gtk3
    SLED/SLES 12.x
    Installation of python-gobject2 and expect is required for SLED/SLES 12.x desktops when you are installing Horizon Agent.
    1. Register SUSE 12.x to enable the SUSE repositories.
      SUSEConnect -r Registration Code -e Email
    2. Install python-gobject2.
      zypper install python-gobject2
    3. Install expect.
      zypper install expect
    Ubuntu 18.04
    apt-get install python python-dbus python-gobject