ModuleAndEventText messages use certain attributes. To determine the data type for an attribute, you can examine its value in the type column in the event_data or event_data_historical table.

Table 1. Attributes that ModuleAndEventText Messages Use
Attribute Name Description
AdminFolderName Name of a folder that requires privileged access.
AdminPermissionEntity Name of an object that requires privileged access.
AdminPrivilegeName Name of an administrative privilege.
AdminRoleName Name of an administrative role.
AdminRoleNewName New name of an administrative role.
AttrChangeType Type of change that was applied to a generic attribute.
AttrName Name of a generic attribute.
AttrValue Value of a generic attribute.
BrokerId Identifier of a Connection Server instance.
BrokerName Name of a Connection Server instance.
DesktopDisplayName Display name of a desktop pool.
DesktopId Identifier of a desktop pool.
EntitlementDisplay Display name of a desktop entitlement.
MachineId Name of a physical or virtual machine.
MachineName Name of a physical or virtual machine.
MaintenanceMode Maintenance mode state.
ObjectID Identifier of an inventory object.
ObjectType Type of an inventory object.
PolicyDisplayName Display name of a policy.
PolicyObject Identifier of a policy object.
PolicyValue Value of a policy object.
ProtocolId Identifier of a display protocol.
SecurityServerId Identifier of a security server.
SVIAdminFqdn FQDN of a QuickPrep domain.
SVIAdminID Identifier of a QuickPrep domain.
SVIAdminName Name of a QuickPrep domain.
Time Date and time value.
UserCount Maximum number of desktop users over a 24-hour period.
UserDiskName Name of a user data disk.
UserDisplayName User name in the form DOMAIN\username.
UserName Name of a user in Active Directory.
VCAddress URL of a vCenter Server.