You can deactivate client drive redirection by configuring a group policy setting for your remote desktops on your Active Directory server.

The group policy setting overrides the local registry and Smart Policies settings that activate the client drive redirection feature.


  • Verify that you can log in as an Administrator domain user on the machine that hosts your Active Directory server.
  • Verify that the MMC and the Group Policy Object Editor snap-in are available on your Active Directory server.
  • Add the Remote Desktop Services ADMX template file vdm_agent_cdr.admx file to a GPO that is linked to the OU for your virtual desktops or to the RDS host for your published desktops. For installation instructions, see Add the ADMX Template Files to Active Directory.


  1. On your Active Directory server, open the Group Policy Management Editor and navigate to Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Remote Desktop Services\Remote Desktop Session Host\Device and Resource Redirection.
  2. Open the Do not allow drive redirection group policy setting, select Enabled, and click OK.