For security purposes, it is important to know whether Horizon Client installs any daemons or processes.

Table 1. Services, Processes, and Daemons by Horizon Client Type
Horizon Client Type Service, Process, or Daemon
Linux client
  • vmware-usbarbitrator, which numerates the various USB devices connected to the client and determines which devices to connect to the client and which to connect to the remote desktop.
  • vmware-view-used, which provides services for the USB redirection feature.
Note: If you click the Register and start the service(s) after installation check box during installation, these daemons start automatically. These processes run as root.
Mac client None
iOS client None
Android client None. Horizon Client runs in one Android process.
Linux desktop
  • StandaloneAgent, which runs with root privileges and starts when the Linux system is up and running. StandaloneAgent communicates with Connection Server to perform remote desktop session management. It sets up, tears down the session, updating the remote desktop status to the broker in Connection Server.
  • VMwareBlastServer, which StandaloneAgent starts when it receives a StartSession request from Connection Server. The VMwareBlastServer daemon runs with vmwblast privilege. vmwblast is a system account that is created when the Linux agent is installed. It communicates with StandaloneAgent through an internal MKSControl channel, and communicates with Horizon Client by using the VMware Blast display protocol.