You can configure environment variables in Dynamic Environment Manager to control the behavior of the digital watermark feature on specific Linux desktops.


Configure Environment Variables in Dynamic Environment Manager

Use the following steps to configure environment variables that define the settings for a digital watermark on a Linux desktop.

  1. In the Dynamic Environment Manager Management Console, click the User Environment tab and then select Environment Variables.

    Existing environment variable definitions, if any, appear in the Environment Variables pane.

  2. To create a new environment variable, click Create.
  3. Click the Settings tab and define the environment variable settings.
    1. In the General Settings section, enter a name for the settings definition in the Name text box.
    2. In the Environment Variable Settings section, enter the variable name and value exactly as described in the "Dynamic Environment Manager Environment Variable Values for the Digital Watermark Feature" section that follows this procedure.
  4. Add the conditions required to use the environment variable with remote Linux desktops.
    1. Select the Conditions tab, click Add, and select the condition that you want to configure.

      For detailed information about configuring supported conditions and condition values, see Adding Conditions to Horizon Smart Policy Definitions and Environment Variable Definitions.

    2. To add more conditions after configuring the first condition, click Add again.

      The AND operator is added by default to combine the conditions.

  5. To save the environment variable, click Save.

Repeat this procedure for each additional environment variable that you want to configure for digital watermark.

Note: After saving your new or updated environment variables in a high-latency network, wait at least a minute while Dynamic Environment Manager finishes processing the changes before you make the affected desktops available to your end users.

Dynamic Environment Manager Environment Variable Values for the Digital Watermark Feature

In Dynamic Environment Manager, configure the environment variables described in the following table. Each environment variable maps to a corresponding configuration option in the /etc/vmware/config file. The environment variable settings take priority over the settings in /etc/vmware/config.

Environment variable Corresponding option in /etc/vmware/config Value/format of variable Default Description
WATERMARK rdeSvc.enableWatermark

0: Deactivate

1: Enable

0 Enables or deactivates the digital watermark feature. For information about the feature, see Features of Linux Desktops in VMware Horizon 8.
WATERMARK_FONT_NAME rdeSvc.watermark.font






serif Defines the font used for the digital watermark.
WATERMARK_FONT_SIZE rdeSvc.watermark.fontSize An integer within the range of values: 8–72 12 Defines the font size (in points) of the digital watermark.

0: Tile

1: Center

2: Multiple

0 Defines the layout of the digital watermark on the screen, which is divided into nine squares:
  • 0 = Tile: Watermark appears in all nine squares. Application sessions always use this layout.
  • 1 = Center: Watermark appears in the center square.
  • 2 = Multiple: Watermark appears in the center and four corner squares. If the watermark size exceeds the square size, it is scaled to maintain the aspect ratio.
WATERMARK_MARGIN rdeSvc.watermark.margin An integer within the range of values: 0–1024 50 Defines the amount of space (in pixels) around the digital watermark for the Tile layout. As the watermark scales, the margin also scales proportionally.
WATERMARK_OPACITY rdeSvc.watermark.opacity An integer within the range of values: 0–255 50 Defines the transparency level of the digital watermark text.
WATERMARK_TEXT rdeSvc.watermark.template String constructed using any of the available information variables:














Defines the text that you want to display for the digital watermark. Construct the watermark using any combination and order of the information variables. The character limit is 1024 characters and 4096 characters after expansion. The text is truncated if it exceeds the maximum length.
WATERMARK_TEXT_ROTATION rdeSvc.watermark.rotation An integer within the range of values: 0–360 45 Defines the display angle of the digital watermark text.

Processing Order for Environment Variables

Dynamic Environment Manager processes environment variables each time a user connects or reconnects to the remote desktop.

Dynamic Environment Manager processes multiple environment variables in alphabetical order based on the environment variable name. Environment variables appear in alphabetical order in the Environment Variables pane. If several environment variables conflict, the last environment variable processed takes precedence. For example, if you have an environment variable named B that enables the watermark for the user named Sue, and another environment variable named A that deactivates the watermark for the desktop pool named Ubuntu1804, the watermark is enabled when Sue connects to a remote desktop in the Ubuntu1804 desktop pool.