VMware vRealize Orchestrator Plug-in for Horizon enables interaction between vRealize Orchestrator and VMware Horizon 8. You can use the plug-in to expand the settings and methods for provisioning remote desktops and published applications.

The plug-in contains a set of standard workflows that enable automation, self-service by request and approval, and scalable delegated administration across multi-tenant or highly distributed environments. You can also use these predefined workflows to create custom workflows.

This document describes workflows that provide predefined automated tasks that accomplish basic goals that are ordinarily performed in Horizon Console or other VMware interfaces. Horizon administrators can increase IT efficiency by delegating access to these workflows to delegated administrators and end users.

For end-user enablements, vRealize Orchestrator Plug-in for Horizon integrates with vRealize Automation to provide self-service access to remote desktops and published applications. If you integrate the plug-in workflows with the request and approval processes that are built into the vRealize Automation service catalog, end users can refresh their own remote desktops. End users can make requests that follow a standardized and auditable process. These requests can result in immediate action, or they can be directed for administrative approval. For remote desktop environments where virtual machines must support rapid change and reuse, end users can provision desktops for themselves, and de-provision, or recycle, remote desktops to reduce resource and capacity waste.

vRealize Orchestrator Plug-in for Horizon provides an organized and manageable service catalog of functions that is entitled to users and groups. By automating and distributing tasks for delegated administration, you can reduce the need for email correspondence and exception handling. Requests are routed into processes that are predefined and flagged for approval only if a justification is required.