You can enable Horizon 8 to deliver published applications on demand to an automated RDS farm.

To access published applications on demand, you add one or more VMware App Volumes Managers to Horizon Console, associate it with a farm, select applications and add user and group entitlement. These tasks need to be performed in the order in which they are documented.


Ensure that your environment includes the minimum product versions for this feature listed below:
  • Horizon Agent 2212
  • VMware App Volumes 4, version 2212


  1. Add the App Volumes Manager from where you want to access applications. See Add a VMware App Volumes Manager in the Horizon 8 Installation and Upgrade document.

    The App Volumes Manager must be configured with an SSL certificate signed by a trusted CA. For a self-signed certificate, import the App Volumes Manager certificate to a trusted root store.

  2. Import one or more application package to the App Volumes Manager.
  3. Prepare an RDS host golden image virtual machine. Horizon 8 clones the RDS hosts from this machine as part of the farm creation process. For more information, see Prepare an RDS Host Golden Image Virtual Machine.
    Note: RDS farms should be created using a golden image that has Windows Update disabled. Windows Updates should be applied by updating the golden image and scheduling maintenance for the farm to apply the new golden image.
  4. Create an automated farm. An automated farm contains the RDS hosts that Horizon 8 creates as instant-clone virtual machines in vCenter Server.For more information, see Create an Automated Instant-Clone Farm in Horizon.
  5. Associate the App Volumes Manager with a farm. For more information, see Associate App Volumes Manager with a Farm.
  6. Create a published application pool. For more information, see Create an Application Pool.
  7. Entitle users and groups. For more information, see Entitling Users and Groups in the Horizon 8 Administration document