End users start Horizon Client to log in to a connection broker.

  • In a typical Horizon 8 deployment, the connection broker is the Horizon Connection Server, which integrates with Windows Active Directory and provides access to remote desktops hosted on a VMware vSphere server, a physical PC, or a multi-session host such as Microsoft RDS. Horizon Connection Server also provides access to published applications on a multi-session host.
  • Horizon 8 can be optionally deployed with the Universal Broker (available on the Horizon Control Plane). In this scenario, the Universal Broker provides essential brokering service while the Horizon Connection Server provides all the other pod management and provisioning services.

The high-level example of a Horizon 8 environment below shows the relationships between the major components.

Figure 1. High-level Example of a VMware Horizon 8 Environment
A high-level diagram of a Horizon 8 environment.