You can use the vdmadmin command to display information about clients in kiosk mode and Connection Server instances that are configured to authenticate such clients.

You must run the vdmadmin command on one of the Connection Server instances in the group that contains the Connection Server instance that clients will use to connect to their remote desktops.


  • Display information about clients in kiosk mode and client authentication.
    vdmadmin -Q -clientauth -list [-b authentication_arguments] [-xml]
    The command displays information about clients in kiosk mode and the Connection Server instances on which you have enabled client authentication.

Example: Displaying Information for Clients in Kiosk Mode

Display information about clients in text format. Client cm-00_0c_29_0d_a3_e6 has an automatically generated password, and does not require an end user or an application script to specify this password to Horizon Client. Client cm-00_22_19_12_6d_cf has an explicitly specified password and requires the end user to provide this. The Connection Server instance CONSVR2 accepts authentication requests from clients with automatically generated passwords. CONSVR1 does not accept authentication requests from clients in kiosk mode.

C:\ vdmadmin -Q -clientauth -list
Client Authentication User List
GUID              : 94be6344-0c9b-4a92-8d54-1brc1c2dc282
ClientID          : cm-00_0c_29_0d_a3_e6
Domain            :
Password Generated: true

GUID              : 471d9d35-68b2-40ee-b693-56a7d92b2e25
ClientID          : cm-00_22_19_12_6d_cf
Domain            :
Password Generated: false

Client Authentication Connection Servers
Common Name                   : CONSVR1
Client Authentication Enabled : false
Password Required             : false

Common Name                   : CONSVR2
Client Authentication Enabled : true
Password Required             : false

What to do next

Verify that the clients can connect to their remote desktops.