Log in to Horizon Client with unauthenticated access and start the published application.

To ensure greater security, the unauthenticated access user has a user alias that you can use to log in to Horizon Client. When you select a user alias, you do not need to provide the AD credentials or UPN for the user. After you log in to Horizon Client, you can click your published applications to start the applications. For more information about installing and setting up Horizon Client on a specific device type, see VMware Horizon Clients documentation.


  • Verify that the unauthenticated access users are created. If the default unauthenticated user is the only unauthenticated access user, Horizon Client connects to the Connection Server instance with the default user.


  1. Start Horizon Client.
  2. In Horizon Client, select the option for logging in with unauthenticated access.
    For more information, see the Horizon Client documentation for the client device type.
  3. Connect to the Connection Server instance.
  4. Select a user alias from the drop-down menu and click Login.
    The default user has the "default" suffix.
  5. Double-click a published application to start the application.