You can use Internet Explorer (IE) mode with the URL Content Redirection feature in Microsoft Edge (Chromium). This feature is supported for agent-to-Windows client and Windows client-to-agent URL content redirection.

There are two independent switches for the Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browsers.

To use the URL Content Redirection feature in IE mode in the address bar in the Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser, activate the VMware Horizon View URL Filtering Plugin in Manage add-ons in the Internet Explorer browser. The IP Rules and Regular Expressions modes are both supported. For more information, see Syntax for URL Content Redirection Rules. The Microsoft Edge (Chromium) extension (see Install the URL Content Redirection Helper Extension for Microsoft Edge (Chromium) on Windows) is optional for this use case, but is required for other URLs that are not set under rules for IE Mode.

To use the URL Content Redirection feature in the Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser address bar (not IE mode), activate the VMware Horizon URL Content Redirection Helper extension in the Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser. Deactivate the IE plugin if you do not want to use IE mode. Regular Expressions mode is supported.

For feature limitations, see URL Content Redirection Limitations.