You can configure the currently supported Linux distributions to take advantage of NVIDIA virtual shared pass-through graphics acceleration (vGPU) capabilities on the ESXi host.

Horizon Agent for Linux only supports vGPU capabilities, and does not support virtual dedicated graphics acceleration (vDGA).

Note: For information about the NVIDIA graphics cards and Linux distributions that support vGPU capabilities, see

Keep in mind the following points when configuring a Linux desktop to support vGPU capabilities:

Caution: Before you begin, verify that Horizon Agent is not installed on the Linux virtual machine. If you install Horizon Agent before you configure the machine to use NVIDIA vGPU, required configuration parameters in the xorg.conf file are overwritten, and NVIDIA vGPU does not work. You must install Horizon Agent after the NVIDIA vGPU configuration is completed.
  • You must use the NVIDIA Linux VM display driver that matches the ESXi host GPU driver (.vib). See the NVIDIA website for information about driver packages.
  • To support vGPU capabilities on cloned VMs, first complete the graphics setup in the base VM and then clone the VMs. The graphics settings work for cloned VMs and no further settings are required.