Use the lmvutil command with the --resolveUserHomeSite option to determine the effective home site for a specific user. Because home sites can be assigned to users and groups and to global entitlements, it is possible to configure more than one home site for a user.


lmvutil --resolveUserHomeSite --entitlementName name --userName domain\username

Usage Notes

This command returns an error message if the Cloud Pod Architecture feature is not initialized or if the specified global entitlement or user does not exist.


You must specify these options when you list the effective home site for a user.

Table 1. Options for Listing the Effective Home Site for a User
Option Description
--entitlementName Name of a global entitlement. This option enables you to determine the effective home site for a user and global entitlement combination, which might be different from the home site that is configured for the user.
--userName Name of the user whose home site you want to list. Use the format domain\username.


lmvutil --authAs adminEast --authDomain domainEast --authPassword "*" 
--resolveUserHomeSite --userName domainEast\adminEast