Add a primary domain bind account to set up the untrusted relationship between the Connection Server domain and a different domain.


  • Verify that you have prepared Active Directory for the Connection Server's domain. See "Preparing Active Directory" in the Horizon 8 Installation and Upgrade document.
  • Gather the untrusted domain bind account properties. See, Domain Bind Account Properties.
  • Verify that the Connection Server domain is not in any formal trust relationship with the target user domain. You can view the domain information for the Connection Server domain by navigating to Settings > Domain and clicking the Connection Server tab.
  • Verify that your DNS infrastructure can resolve untrusted domain FQDN from each Connection Server successfully.
  • Verify that the Connection Server machine and the untrusted domain’s domain controller are synchronized in time.


  1. In Horizon Console, navigate to Settings > Domain.
  2. Click the Domain Bind tab.
  3. Click Add to add an untrusted domain bind account.
  4. Enter the untrusted domain bind account properties.
  5. (Optional) Select Add auxiliary account after adding No Trust Domain Account to add an auxiliary domain bind account.
    In the Manage Auxiliary Account window, click Add and enter the user name and password for auxiliary domain bind account user, then click OK.
  6. Click OK.


On the Domain Bind tab, you can view the primary domain bind account under the Service Account column.

What to do next

Add auxiliary domain bind accounts. See Manage Auxiliary Domain Bind Accounts.